Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort – All-Inclusive Activities

Main Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort All-Inclusive Activities

Are you researching a Riviera Cancun Mexico resort? If you have a specific activity in mind then contact the resort to make sure they have it. The last thing you want to happen is to arrive at your resort expecting to go surfing and find out the resort is in a bay with no waves. We share photos from an all-inclusive Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort we visited many years ago.


Are you asking yourself, why BINGO? Why not! We were at an adult’s only resort, which allows for different prizes, usually alcohol. Hunter thought it was pretty funny how almost all the numbers were called and we still did not have a blackout on either of our game boards. A tip when playing BINGO – don’t call out BINGO before you have it. The other players might yell at you. LOL  

Language Lessons

Since we were in Mexico, we took Spanish lessons. I learned the basics to be polite and ordering food. We continue to practice our Spanish lessons on Duolingo. It is a free phone application with many different languages to choose from. When you are going on a vacation to a place that speaks a different language do you learn the basics before you go? Such as Please and Thank You.


trampoline_Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort, Forever Sabbatical

Not just any trampoline. This one had extra support and an operator to make sure you did not hurt yourself. I find it funny how the extra support caused me to do flips when normally I would not. If I recall the memory of this day, I tried flipping backyards but was not successful. At least I tried.

Ping Pong/ Chess

pingpong_Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort, Forever Sabbatical

Hunter is an amazing ping pong player. Whenever we can, we play. As you can tell in this photo Hunter was winning and I was reacting to his winning. In the background, you can see the large yard chess game. Outdoor games are wonderful when you are in a beautiful place.


sailing_Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort, Forever Sabbatical

For those who like to relax and be on the water, there is sailing. You can rent a boat, you can book a charter, or some places will have Hobie cats. If you like sailing with just a few people, the Hobie cat is the way to go. Many resorts will provide lessons. Take advantage of the lessons.

Walking on the Beach

walking_beach_Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort, Forever Sabbatical

Let but not least, is a great walking beach. Have you ever dreamed about walking for miles on the beach on your next vacation, only to find out when you arrive that the resort beach is 800 ft long and between 2 cliff walls? I hope not, because that would suck. Make sure to read the resort descriptions and review the photos. You can always contact the resort to ask questions.

Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort – All-Inclusive Activities


What activity have you done on a vacation that you would normally not do?

28 thoughts on “Riviera Cancun Mexico Resort – All-Inclusive Activities
  1. Thank you for posting. This reminds us that there will be great things to do when the world opens up.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Cancun. It looks gorgeous. Your resort has a lot of fun activities. I’m ready for a child-free trip!

  3. We really want to go to an all-inclusive resort. Saving our pennies and our points! This looks like a beautiful one! Wherever we go, my son always wants there to be ping-pong. I would love that trampoline too!

    1. Yay!! That is great that you are working towards an all-inclusive. It will be a wonderful time.

  4. Our hotel in Cancun also had guacamole making competitions among the guest and singing contests as well. My daughter actually won the bingo and she got a really pretty silver necklace from the gift shop. I love it when hotels put on the activities.

  5. I love all-inclusive! This is a great list to keep on hand. Cancun is definitely on my list.

  6. This is on my list! My husband speaks Spanish and we have never been to Mexico!

  7. I’ve never experienced an all inclusive vacation, resort or cruise. Hopefully I can in the near future!

    1. Brianna- you would do great on the trampoline. I trust you would try flipping backwords.

  8. Ahhhhh…Mexico! My favorite place to recharge. I’m pretty content to hang out on the beach with my book and beverage…but every now and then I’ll do something different like salsa dancing lessons.

    1. Salsa dancing would be a fun class to take. I agree a good book on the beach is relaxing.

  9. I love all-inclusive resorts! Takes the work out of going on a vacation. We went snorkeling at one resort. It was a great experience!

  10. Mexico is a lot of fun and always has something to do or explore. We have no kiddos so we prefer adults only resorts. You guys look like you had a blast!

  11. We have been to Cancun many times and have enjoyed it. The area is beautiful and this location has so much to offer. All inclusives are my favorite way to travel!

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