National Travel and Tourism Week – May 3-9, 2020

National Travel and Tourism Week May 3-9, 2020 Forever sabbatical

Happy national travel and tourism week! U.S. Travel Association reports, “This National Travel and Tourism Week honors the spirit of travel in recognition of the industry’s strength, selflessness, and resiliency.” Many tourists are excited to get out and explore. As many of the people in the travel and tourism sector are ready to get back to work.

Virtual Road Trip

What do you have planned for May 5th? The U.S. Travel Association has organized a virtual road trip on Twitter for the first time. Follow “the #VirtualRoadTrip to see the different attractions, restaurants, and cities that make up the #SpiritOfTravel for #nttw20.”

Check out the schedule below for a state that you are excited to learn more about. We are excited to see Arizona on at 7:00 PM ET.

National Travel Schedule, Forever Sabbatical

Show Off Home State Pride

The U.S. Travel Association share, “The spirit of travel is what brings joy and memorable experiences to millions, year over year.” So true. We love visiting locations that may have different events, such as the Arizona Lost Dutchman State Park. Activities that we attended in the past include bird identification, listening to singer-songwriters around a campfire, and many hikes. I can wait to attend their creative events here soon.


For those that love boating and fishing, Lake Havasu State Park is the place for you. We camped, we hiked, and we enjoyed the beach on our visit there early in 2020.


There are many hiking trails like Fish Creek in Arizona where one can hike or just relax by the stream.

view Fish Creek, Forever sabbatical

Pledge to Travel

We have taken the pledge to travel. How about you? Do you have your list ready?

“When the time is right, the travel and tourism industry will be integral to our nation’s recovery—for the economy and American jobs. But it is the spirit of travel that will heal our country’s morale,” U.S. Travel Association

National Travel and Tourism Week

National Travel Sky, Forever Sabbatical

What do you look forward to?

34 thoughts on “National Travel and Tourism Week – May 3-9, 2020
  1. I didn’t know it was travel and tourism week. I should have planned ahead. I love the virtual road trip idea.

  2. Oh yes! We definitely plan to get out and travel ASAP. We had a trip to Europe scheduled for May/June, and it was a graduation celebration trip and a 40th birthday trip, so whatever trip we plan to replace it with has to be AMAZING! We have been throwing around some US destinations as possibilities, but haven’t settled on anything yet. It’s still too soon to decide on anything – both timewise and location-wise, but we are definitely waiting for the “all clear” to travel.

  3. Fun ideas for National Travel and Tourism Week. The hiking looks fun, and it’s cool that there are so many virtual tours available!

  4. I can’t wait to travel again, but virtual road trips are a good alternative at the moment. Like a preview of where you want to go next. I would love to visit all US states eventually.

  5. Yes! I am ready to travel. It’s true that traveling will help the economy so much. See you on the road!

  6. I love the idea of the virtual tour “trips”! What a great way to get some ideas for future traveling.
    I think we will be doing a little more exploring of our own state until things start opening back up.

  7. We can’t wait! Avid travelers are some of the most resilient folks out there. Hoping everything bounces back soon and the industry recovers

  8. I’ve always wanted to visit Lake Havasu; I’m going to check it out now that I’ve seen your photo in this post!

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