Calling all Birders to Lost Dutchman State Park Bird Walk

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Exploring Lost Dutchman State Park in the Arizona Superstition Mountains on a bird walk is a wonderful way to start a morning. Spotting birds, calling birds, and listening for bird songs can be easy if you have the right teacher. Join us as we venture into birding.


Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical Orientation

In the early cool morning, we meet our bird identifier volunteer Vera. Vera is an incredible person. She shares her bird knowledge with humor and is very entertaining. She had us all laughing throughout the morning. We meet at the Native Plant Trail parking area on the right before reaching the ranger station. We had a great group of about 40 people.

Supplies and Equipment

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical Water and binoculars

The park suggests wearing appropriate clothing as we are walking in the desert, such items as a hat, a good pair of shoes and sunscreen. Bring lots of water and a bag to carry your water because your hands will be holding your binoculars most of the time. On the park’s website, they also suggest bringing your enthusiasm. I made sure to put it in my pocket and got it out when we arrived. The park kindly requests: no dogs or small children.

Discovering and Identify Birds of the Desert

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical Birdhouse and birdbath

Information we learned about Arizona:
#3 in the US for most species of birds.
#1 in the US for most species of hummingbirds. Arizona has 17 species.
#1 in the US for most species of owls. Arizona has 12 species.

People call Vera and say, “There is a bird in my yard. What is it?” She needs more information from callers. For example:
What size is the bird? Small like a sparrow, medium like a robin, or large like a raven
What state are you in? Arizona or Minnesota
What ecosystems are you in? Desert, in a pine forest, or next to the Pacific ocean

Finding Birds

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical hummingbird feeder

In the Lost Dutchman State Park and next to theBird, Binoculars, Bird identification, Birding ranger station is a birdhouse and bird pond. Many birds will visit this area in the early morning, making it a wonderful place to sit and observe.

Vera also hung up a hummingbird feeder at the picnic area at the beginning of our walk, so that when we returned at the end of our walk there might be a few hummingbirds. Spoiler alert – there were many when we returned.

Tip: 4 water to 1 sugar ratio for the hummingbird feeder. Don’t need red dye.

There are multiple washes in the Lost Dutchman State Park and many birds will nest and feed there. This is a good place to sit down on the ground and listen to the bird calls.

Guided Walk

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical guided walk

Vera guided us on a walk through the desert to practice our new skills of birding. Skills included: identification by size and features – listening to bird calls or songs.

On our walk, Vera idenitified many birds, which I was unable to write them all down. Here are the few that I did write down: quail, house sparrow, turkey vulture, hummingbirds, cardinals, and dove.

Lost Dutchman State Park’s Next Bird Walk

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical entrance

If you are a novice birder or love ornithology, join the group on Thursday, April 25, 2019, from 7-10 a.m. No need to register. Here is the link for more information:

More information on future events at the Arizona State Parks visit AZ State Parks Events

Calling all Birders to Lost Dutchman State Park Bird Walk

Bird Walk Forever Sabbatical Group

Have you been on a bird walk? What did you see?

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  1. That is awesome that you love bird watching! My grandma loved this activity and it always reminds me of her when I see things about birds!

  2. I have always wanted to start birdwatching but have not made the time! I love birds though.

  3. Looks fun. I’ve never done a bird walk, but a few of our local parks offer them and I’ve always thought it would be a neat experience – I’ll have to check it out for sure now.

  4. I’d say the hummingbirds are smart hanging out in Arizona. We get a lot of them in Colorado, but only in the summer.

  5. My dad is a bird photographer and lives in AZ. We haven’t heard of this park, I told him all about it!!

  6. I love learning facts while traveling. Especially since we homeschool Payton. We are always trying to incorporate education into everything we do. She would have enjoyed learning the facts and then sharing them with everyone when we returned home! Great article.

  7. My youngest is obsessed with birds. He loves to watch them on his bird feeder. This sounds like a great experience for everyone!

  8. I love to paint birds so this would be a great activity for me. I’ll have to see if they have these type of guided walks in my area. Thanks for the tips.

  9. We lived in Phoenix for a few years and visited Superstition often…but never for bird watching. Now I feel like we missed something.

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