Hurtigruten – Performing Science Experiments in Tropical Places

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Twenty-one days cruising with Hurtigruten in the Caribbean Sea while counting tropical fish and photographing coral reefs, is our idea of a worthy expedition.


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In June 2020, I jumped on a webinar to learn more about exploring active cruising options. I was hooked on the first slide, “Connect With Your Inner Explorer.” I thought, “Hey we are explorers.” What can we explore next…

The first section of the webinar was regarding the history of the cruise line. They have been in business since 1893. Yes, that is right, you read that date correctly, since the late 1800s. I learned that Hurtigruten means Fast Route.  Currently, they provide expeditions to the following: Alaska, Antarctica, the Caribbean & Central America, Greenland, Iceland, North America, the Northwest Passage, Norway, South America, and Svalbard.

What Is Included

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This list varies depending on the area of the cruise. For instance, if you are traveling in the Arctic vs the Caribbean. Since we are excited about warm waters and colorful tropical birds, I will be sharing what is included on the warmer weather cruises.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner including beverages (house beer and wine, sodas, and mineral water). I enjoy having meals included in the package price. It is one less item (meal planning) that I do not have to worry about. How about you?

Complimentary Wi-Fi onboard. The company does prepare travelers that some areas are remote and would have limited connection. I thought this was great for two reasons. One – that means we will be in areas that not many people have been and that is exciting. Two – gives me a great reason to turn my “Out of Office” on my phone and email.

Hurtigruten provides a complimentary reusable water bottle to use throughout the many water refill stations. I appreciate this idea of a reusable water bottle. It keeps the amount of trash down because we drink a lot of water. Additional note: no straws on board.

There are many included excursions. I will share examples of this in the next section.

The Adventure We Would Experience

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They offer many cruising paths. As I was listening to the webinar, the presenter reminded me that people book back to back cruises. Such a genius idea.  Here are the back to back adventures we would choose and why.

In April 2021 we would fly in from the United States to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Board the MS Fram’s experience of Ecuador and Panama “From Pacific Cities to Caribbean Islands” for 10 days. As you have read from our previous blogs from our travels in Fiji, we love to snorkel. Therefore swimming around the San Blas Islands reefs would be spectacular.

Traveling the Panama Canal is of course a big bucket list item for many. It is also on ours. We love our bird watching as many may recall from our Birding Classes at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona, USA.  Visiting the Buenaventura Reserve to observe hummingbirds, hawks and parakeets would be a delight.

The second leg of the adventure would continue on the MS Fram. This time on the Caribbean Sea “Discover Keys, Coves and Cultures” for 11 days. Starting in Panama and traveling to Miami, Florida, USA.   An example of a land excursion is visiting the ruins of Old Panama City. I like to see the building materials and how they are different from the Casa Grande Ruins in Arizona, USA. It would be wonderful to snorkel with green sea turtles in Corn Island, Nicaragua. While onboard there are many lecture series about history and biology. I was intrigued by the webinar when the presenter mentioned that we can partake in science experiments (collecting data) for non-for-profit organizations.

Hurtigruten – Performing Science Experiments on a Cruise

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Did you know that all their cruises follow the sun? Chasing the summer was the comment from the presenter. What area would you explore: Alaska, Antarctica, Caribbean, or South America?

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  1. I am actually considering this. It looks amazing and I had no idea it even existed! Thanks!

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise before, but I’d love to go on one. I’ve been stuck at home so long that I think I’d be open to any kind of cruise at this point.

  3. This would be a super fun cruise! We all love exploring and science. Thanks for sharing this option!

  4. Sounds like this will be an amazing trip and being on a cruise for 21 would be so fun. I can’t wait to read about your adventure.

  5. That looks amazing! There are so many “non-traditional” cruises out there that are more about exploring, learning, and making a difference. Not just the entertainment of the big mass-market cruise ships. I love the whole premise behind Hurtigruten!

  6. This sounds like so much fun! Since I was born and raised in the Caribbean and I’ve been to Alaska I think I’d choose South America or Antártica.

    1. Both the South America and Antarctica excursions would be a memory making experience.

  7. These cruises look like such an amazing adventure. I would love to take my kids on one. I’m sure they would learn a ton.

  8. This looks wonderful! My daughter experienced a 6 week learning/working sailing cruise when she was a junior in high school, earning science credit from Cornell University. Great fun!

    1. Oh my goodness. I trust she had an amazing experience. 6 weeks of learning/ working sailing cruise, that would be awesome.

  9. I would love an adventure like this! I hope we can get back to traveling soon!

  10. This sounds amazing! I remember when I sold guided vacations we had 1 trip to Antarctica and it sounded a little similar to this but it was some absurd amount of money like $25k per person and we could only book 4 people. I never had a single person ask about it and I have no idea if it ever booked up or not but if I had the money I would love to do stuff like this.

  11. This sounds like a great way to combine fun with learning! I’m checking it out too.

  12. Wow, I have never heard of these. They sound amazing. I would love to go on one of these.

    1. We enjoy following your cruising adventures. I trust you would enjoy a science-themed one from #hurtigruten.

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