Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Arizona

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Arizona Forever sabbatical

Walking the paths of the past at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Arizona. Visiting the ruins brought back many memories from when I was in elementary school. When we would have friends and family visits, we would bring them here to see and learn about Arizona’s history. The “Great House” was just as large as I remembered. It is fascinating to see how shelters were built and how different materials were used compared to today.


Casa Grande Ruins Sign forever sabbatical

The facilities are located ~40 miles south of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. If you are hiking the Juan Bautista De Anza Historic Trail then you will walk right by the Casa Grande Ruins.


Casa Grande Ruins P forever sabbatical

There is a wonderful area for picnicking. Many ramadas providing shade over the picnic tables and BBQs. Multiple trash cans and dog trash stations keep the debris to a minimum. As you wait for your hotdog, read the many education signs strategically placed around the picnic area to learn the history of what was.

Casa Grande Ruins

casa grande ruins big sign forever sabbatical

The path that leads you from the visitor center to the “Great House” is simple to follow. It is relatively flat with a slight uphill increase. You pass many short walls that could have been different community supporting buildings. Read the education signs to learn more about art, structure building, plants, and cultural traditions.

Visitor Center

There is a visitor center, theater, exhibits, and bookstore. Check hours and park costs on the website.

Virtually Experience

Casa Grande Ruins supporting forever sabbatical

Don’t worry if you are unable to travel right now. You can click here to virtually experience the Casa Grande Ruins.

Casa Grande Ruins National Park Stamp

Casa Grande Ruins end forever sabbatical

The National Park Service manages this beautiful area. Do you collect stamps for your national park passport book? I am excited to start this collection.

24 thoughts on “Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Arizona
  1. This looks like a cool place to visit. I will have to check out the virtual tour!

  2. I’d love to see this! We were planning on driving through Arizona, but due to the pandemic, we’ve decided to angle more north. I hope we can see Arizona soon!

  3. That looks like an interesting place to visit with lots of learning opportunities. I definitely want to start a National Park Passport book for my kiddos (and myself)!

  4. What a great visit! I would really love to visit Casa Grande Ruins National Monument!

  5. Good thing there’s some shade there – looks like it might be a hot place for a picnic.

  6. Arizona is one place on my bucket list, but I haven’t visited yet. This park looks so intriguing to an East Coast-er like me. So different! And I love that it has a virtual component for right now.

    1. Yes, the virtual component helps to share the history for those in other areas.

  7. These ruins looks really cool. I was in Arizona back in March and as the National Parks closed we started looking at other places and came across some National Monuments and Historical Parks and things like that which were really cool. A lot of the time we were the only ones there. We didn’t make it to this one though.

    1. we like it when there is less people at the locations. It helps to get a better feel of the place.

  8. This looks fantastic. We visited Mesa Verde when we were traveling out went. This place would have been great to see.

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