Summer Solstice Camping Tips – Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Event

Summer Solstice Camping Tips Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Event

Happy Summer Solstice! Let us start summer off with inspiration from the Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Summer Solstice event. This virtual event took place Friday, June 19th, and Saturday, June 20th, 2020.

Friday, June 19th Summer Solstice Kickoff- Life in an RV

Kickoff Summer Solstice, Forever sabbatical

Do you enjoy RV shows? We do. For the past few years, we have been putting a plan together for longer road trips that would be enjoyable in an RV. However, there are so many options on the type of RV’s. Therefore we visit shows to learn the pros and cons of the different classes.

Boy was I excited to learn about the Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Summer Solstice Event. Since it was virtual, I was able to watch the kickoff session while waiting in my truck for the “Grocery Pick Up Order.”

The moderator hosted 3 couples that are full-time RVers. My favorite question he asked was what is the one thing that they must have while RVing? Their answers varied from having internet, a BBQ, and a non-powered coffee maker.

As with any event, there are many speakers and sessions. We will share a few tips from each session that we attended.

Saturday, June 20th – Everything You Need To Know (Travel Trailers)

There was a session before the travel trailers but I mixed up the time zone and missed it. It was called the RV Manufacturing Process.

Did you know that there is a difference in aluminum vs fiberglass travel trailers? I personally never thought about it. The presenter mentioned that aluminum is lighter weight and lower cost. Many people who go camping on the weekends would purchase this one. Those who want more control of the conditioned/heating space because they are living in the trailer for longer periods purchase the fiberglass.

Where to Stay: Campgrounds & Boondocking

Where to stay Kickoff Summer Solstice, Forever sabbatical

A few tips:

  • Popular locations can book out a year in advance – therefore plan ahead
  • When booking a spot and you have dogs and would like a shady spot, ask for a shady spot. You might not get it but you could.
  • When checking in be nice to the check-in person because they could provide you with the spot with the perfect view.

RV & Outdoor Essentials

Did you know that you have to use special toilet paper in an RV toilet? Otherwise, it will clog the pipes.

They demonstrated a propane campfire that was neat. The presenter mentioned that it is good to use so that you don’t have to locate firewood. I wonder if it can still be used when there are no campfires allowed.

What outdoor essential do you recommend?

Everything You Need To Know (Fifth Wheels)

FIFTH WHEELS Where to stay Kickoff Summer Solstice, Forever sabbatical

As we followed the presenter in and around multiple Fifth Wheels, they made comments that I would not think of, such as mirrors. One lady was very excited that there were mirrors and drawers in the master room area in the Fifth Wheel.

I liked the option for a back porch. Yes, there was a drop-down in the back that allows one to have a platform for chairs just like a porch.

One of the guest speakers on Friday night mentioned that she would like the toy hauler back to use as a mudroom. That way they could use the area to take off all their wet and muddy clothes in the mudroom and then keep the rest of the place clean.

Summer Solstice Full Timing with Family

Since we are a couple and traveling, I thought that I would not get a lot out of this session. However, I did get the suggestion to keep driving to a max of 5 hours a day. This is a great tip. We had thought that we would drive no more than 4 hours a day every few days.

Everything You Need To Know (Motor homes)

Summer Solstice, Forever sabbatical motorhomes

The intimidation of driving a motor home goes away after practice. This is something that I have wondered. How do you feel about driving a motor home?

Most people ask how many people can sleep in a motor home but they forget to ask how many seatbelts there are. If it sleeps 8 people but there are only 6 seatbelts, well then there could be a problem if you are planning to have 8 people in the motor home while driving.

Not all dining tables that turn into beds are the same size, therefore if you are going to use the bed make sure it is large enough to sleep comfortably.  

Maintaining Your RV

This session was full of helpful tips. Here are a few:

  • Check window seals 90 days or per manufacture specifications
  • When storing the RV don’t leave the gray and black tank empty. Use 1 gal of water with manufacture specific chemicals in the gray and black tanks
  • Just like on a house, you should flush the water heater

Summer Camping Tips from the Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Summer Solstice Event

Wow, such a great Friday and Saturday full of important information. Interested in watching any of these sessions check out the replays. If there is another event like this I highly recommend attending as you will learn a few tips. If you follow RVers on YouTube, could you provide a few suggestions for us?

33 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Camping Tips – Camping World RV & Outdoors’ Event
  1. We don’t do a lot of camping anymore, but we always loved RV camping! I never thought about the aluminum vs fiberglass trailers either, interesting!

  2. Great info! I try to go camping at least once per summer with my parents. It’s just part of summer!

  3. This is very interesting. I’m sure if I was buying a camper I wouldn’t even THINK of some of this info.

  4. We are planning to do the RV life in the near future. Looking forward to using your tips!

  5. Wow, there is a lot of info here. I wouldn’t have thought of some of the questions the people asked – a non-power coffee maker? There is such a thing? Who knew. I like the tips for storing the camper during the winter as well. So much to know before buying. I really would like to rent a camper first to see if my kids could deal with the smaller space.

  6. Looks like you were able to learn some helpful tips for your future RV adventures! It’s wonderful that organizations are making these shows virtual so everyone can still learn.

  7. RV’s have come a long. They look so glamorous and there are so many options now. I love all the information you shared.

  8. I always wonder if I’ll be able to drive a motor home! We want to get one in a few years, these are great tips to keep in mind

  9. This is a great post full of great advice for those that camp. It is something I haven’t done in many years!

  10. I want to get something like this so my husband and I can save money while traveling, but I want something small so it’s easy to get around and since it is just the two of us. We’re looking at lots of different options right now to see what would make the most sense for us.

  11. This year has flown by so fast, but maybe that’s a good thing right now. I would love to have camped on the longest day of the year….that’ll be my goal for next year!

  12. I just heard on the news that RV sales are at an all-time high due to the virus. Your articles are really timely!

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