Engine 1673 – Historical Marker Queen Creek, Arizona

Engine 1673 Historical Marker Queen Creek Arizona Forever sabbatical

Engine 1673 historical marker can be found in a busy Queen Creek, Arizona shopping center.


Shopping center Engine 1673, Forever sabbatical

As we drove down South Ellsworth Loop passing In and Out Burger and Target, we made our way through the shopping center parking lot to reach the Engine 1673 historical marker.

The marker is next to a vacant store in the Queen Creek Marketplace in Queen Creek, Arizona. We typed in the address 21158 South Ellsworth Loop, Queen Creek AZ 85142 into our maps program to located it.


FYI There is no train here. So when you are driving around, don’t look for one. Per the Historical Marker Database – Engine 1673 resides in Tucson, Arizona at the Historic Rail Depot.

However, there is this very cool monument to see here.

Marker Inscription

Inscription Engine 1673, Forever sabbatical

On the side of the main image is an inscription with the following: “The railroad made a significant contribution to the support and development of the Queen Creek community. Engine 1673 traveled over 1,000,000 miles of track in Arizona from 1900-1955. The Southern Pacific Mesa to South San Tan Spur was established in 1895 as a component of the Maricopa Phoenix and Salt River Valley Railroad. 1673 was featured in the 1954 film “Oklahoma” and now resides in Tucson, Arizona at the Historic Rail Depot.”

Engine 1673 Top Header Image

This piece is beautiful. Around this image is the following inscription: “The Doodlebug was an oil-burning motorcar that serviced the Queen Creek community providing local passenger commute rail service from 1914 to 1934.” In the below photo you might be able to notice the raised texture used to depict the Doodlebug.

Engine 1673 Main Image

Main plate Engine 1673, Forever sabbatical

A very cool depiction of the engine. Around the piece is the following inscription: “This image depicts the Southern Pacific Steam locomotive number 1673. Manufactured as serial number 5683. By the Schenectady Locomotive Works in New year in November of 1900 before service in Arizona.”

Train Tracks

Main plate 2 Engine 1673, Forever sabbatical

Where is the train track now? If you were to walk through the shopping center’s parking lot to the Northeast about .4 miles, you would find the active railroad tracks.

Engine 1673 – Historical Marker Queen Creek, Arizona

If you are looking for additional historical sites in the area check out the Desert Wells Stage Stop Ruins.

Have you been on a train? If yes, where was it?

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  1. What a unique spot for a historical marker – history’s all around us if we just take the time to notice!

  2. That’s really cool. Although I do search historical markers out when we travel, I’ve never seen one at a mall!

  3. I live right down the street and frequent this area all the time. I had no clue. It’s great to learn things about my own backyard.

  4. What a beautiful memorial. I love that it is prominent in the town so people can appreciate it.

  5. What a cool find! I love reading historical markers. This one is beautiful.

  6. Such a fun find! I’m going to start looking for stuff like this hidden in plain sight!

  7. This is a really cool historical marker. I’ve liked seeing things like these on road trips out West because you never know when you’ll come across one.

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