Outdoor Art in Queen Creek, Arizona

Outdoor Art in Queen Creek, Arizona Forever sabbatical

Will you be exploring Queen Creek, Arizona any time soon? Did you know there are multiple outdoor art pieces spread out in the town? Join us as we wander through town finding outdoor art.

Have you ever lived in a place where you worked and shopped and one day you notice a statue that you have never seen before only to learn that it has been there for years? Many of the following places are out in the open and people just do not know they are there.  

Founders’ Park

Let us start the journey at Founders’ Park – 22407 S Ellsworth Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. We parked our vehicle in the parking and walked to the next few locations.

Splash-Fence Outdoor Art Forever sabbatical

This photo is at the slash pad fence art on the east side of S Ellsworth Rd. View from inside the splash pad looking west toward the street. Fence art image of children playing with a ball in a splash pad.

There is a baseball field just walking distance to the east of the slash pad with two community murals on the dugouts.

This day there was a game going on and lots of stuff was in front of the murals.

dog park 1 outdoor art forever sabbatical

Go west and cross S Ellsworth Rd to reach the dog park where there are two fence art images of dogs playing with music notes above them.

Historic Town Hall Fountain

Townhall Fountain outdoor art forever sabbatical

Stay on the same side of the street and walk north to the Historic Town Hall building. On the east side of the building is a water feature dedicated to Ray Schnepf. You might remember our visits to the Historical Carousel and the Historic Water Tower at Schnepf Farms.

Community Center Murals

Community center mural 2 outdoor art forever sabbatical

Cross over S Ellsworth Rd to the Community Center building where there are two additional community murals on the west side of the building. They can be seen from the street. This was the location of the library a long time ago.

Queen Creek Cornerstone Horses

horses outdoor art forever sabbatical

I suggest getting back into your car and driving to see the metal horse sculpture at Queen Creek Cornerstone. It is southeast of this address – 21151 S Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. The address is for Uncle Bear’s restaurant.

This art project is easily missed by shoppers. The 3 animals were drinking out of a trough/watering hole with the bails of straw around them. Did you notice the bails of straw? I thought they were blocks and then I noticed the texture and designs.

Clock Tower

Clock tower outdoor art forever sabbatical

Get back into your vehicle and head over to park in the south parking lot of the Queen Creek library – 21802 S Ellsworth Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

Walk over to the northeast corner of S Rittenhouse Rd and E Ocotillo Rd. Here you will find the Clock Tower, Founding Fathers Plaque, and Mountain Mosaic.

Mosaic at clock tower outdoor art forever sabbatical

Queen Creek Library Mariposa Falls

Walk north to the west side of the library building to view the Mariposa Falls waterfall and ground mosaic leading to the library entrance.

Waterfall at Library sign outdoor art forever sabbatical

Communiversity Coyote

Walk northeast to the Communiversity building. Head to the east side of the building. There will be a parking lot and then desert landscaping between the parking lot (on the east side of the building) and the road. Move towards the southeast corner of the parking lot and landscaping and in the ravine area, you will spot the Ellsworth Coyote metal sculpture. This was very hard to find. I trust these directions will help you find it faster than I did.

Artistic Towers at QC District

Artistic towers at QC District outdoor art forever sabbatical

Find your car and drive north on S Ellsworth Rd to E Maya Rd, turn left (West). Pass the first cross street (currently does not have a name) and turn right (north) into the shopping parking lot and drive north. The Artistic towers are between the Chop Shop building and medical clinic building on the east side of the parking lot or the west side of the two buildings.

Zip Code Trains

The Zip Code Trains are on the southeast corner of Rittenhouse and Ellsworth. I parked in the parking lot on the southeast corner. Then walked down the hill to take the photo.

Engine 1673 Plaque

Head back to your vehicle and drive across (west) Rittenhouse to the Queen Creek Marketplace.


Use the address 21158 South Ellsworth Loop, Queen Creek AZ 85142 to locate it. Currently, there was no store name. To learn more about the Engine 1673 historical marker check out our blog.

Mansel Carter Statue

The Mansel Carter Statue is in the Queen Creek Marketplace area as well. Drive south in the parking lot and use the address 21506 South Ellsworth Loop, Queen Creek AZ 85142. You will spot the Mansel Carter Statue sitting on a bench in front of a store called Bath and Body.

Mansel Carter Oasis Park

Now that you have met Mansel Carter, we get to visit the Mansel Carter Oasis Park. This will be a few miles to the west. Use address 19535 E Appleby Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

If you enter the park from the west entrance from S Sossaman Rd and E Appleby Rd then drive east on E Appleby Rd. You will come to a roundabout with lots of directional signs. Head east into the parking lot and park.

peninsula waterfall mansel carter park outdoor art forever sabbatical

You will locate the peninsula waterfall southeast of the parking lot.

To find the Queen Creek grass mural, walk around the lake to the south, go east past the splash pad and walk to the east side of the play structure. There on the hill will be the Queen Creek grass mural. I had to ask the Park Ranger for help locating the mural.

Outdoor Art in Queen Creek, Arizona

I trust these directions will help you in finding all the locations. It took us 3 hours to find them all. We did a lot of driving/walking around. Many of these spots are wonderful to sit and enjoy.

Thank you to the Town of Queen Creek Arts & Placemaking Advisory Committee for sharing the list of art locations.

Has there been a piece of outdoor art that you walked passed many times without noticing?

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  1. I love art walks like this. It keeps you looking for the next amazing piece of art you might find. I think it also gets the kids to pay attention to their surroundings. Love it.

  2. Wow – what a great variety of outdoor art. I’m always a fan of art when I see it, but I really liked how there is a combination here of murals, statues, and fountains. Really cool!

  3. I love outdoor art. I am glad it is becoming so popular. We are starting to get more murals where we live too!

    1. This is wonderful to hear. There are many talented people that I look forward to viewing their art.

  4. Such a variety of art on display. Definitely keeps you looking for what’s around the next corner.

  5. Great art walk and such a lovely area. I haven’t been to Arizona in years. Think I may have to get back soon.

  6. It is so easy to not “see” the amazing, artistic cool things in our every day lives, on our regular route. What a great idea, to do an art tour in your own home town, to look at things just a little bit differently.

  7. So many fun art pieces to experience! I will have to try to notice art more in the places that I visit.

  8. I enjoy outdoor art activities and walks. They keep everyone’s attention and the beautiful of the pieces seem to shine more.

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