Historic Wooden Carousel in Queen Creek, Arizona

Historic Wooden Carousel Queen Creek, Arizona Forever Sabbatical

Childhood memories of riding the fastest horse on the town fair carousel came rushing back to me as we walked up to the first of two historic wooden carousels at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Currently, Schneph Farms is restoring both wooden attractions. The Arizona sun sure does some weather damage over the years. I am glad to see that Schnepf Farms takes pride in history and keeps up the maintenance for both. Operational during the fall, winter, and spring.

The 1912 Parker

1912 Schnepf_Farms_ Wooden_Carousel_Queen_Creek_Arizona_Forever_Sabbatical


Schnepf Farms 1912 Parker Carousel – This carousel a barn find from Elk River, Minnesota. Purchased and moved to Schnepf Farms in 1999, where it has been lovingly restored for your enjoyment. Listed Natl. Registry of Historic Carousels.

According to the Historical Marker Project, “This carousel was purchased from Wally Scott, Elk River, Minnesota. He had it set up in the loft of his old barn. It was disassembled and moved to Schnepf Farms in 1999. It took three months to refurbish. This carousel is listed on the National Registry of Historic carousels.”


As Hunter and I walked around the 1912 Parker we counted 18 animals to ride: horses, rabbit, dog, roaster, and two 4 seat chariots.

The National Carousel Association reports, “Classic Wood Carousel. Original grasshopper mechanism. New wood trim. Some AH horses on the platform. Motor dated 1912.”

Parker_details Schnepf_Farms Wooden Carousel Queen_Creek_Arizona_Forever_Sabbatical


At well over 100 years old, has been keeping kids happy for many generations. Creating a wonder & excitement. For families, kids, and sweethearts… Carousels are memories! Enjoy

The 2nd Wooden Carousel 

2nd Wooden carousel

This wooden amusement ride was built in the 1920s. The facility is in the process of refurbishing it. Hunter and I counted 20 horses with 2 spots empty and two 4 seat chariots. On the upper tent are the numbers 1-12.

Schnepf Farms


Thank you to Mark and Carrie Schnepf for sharing their family history with us and the public. We are grateful for those who keep history alive and available for the future to learn.

When scheduling your visit to Schnepf Farms check hours and details at https://schnepffarms.com/

When exploring the farm visit the historic water tower that Schnepf Farms.

Historic Wooden Carousel in Queen Creek, Arizona

When was the last time you took a ride on a carousel? Do you have a childhood memory of your favorite horse or number that you had to ride?

33 thoughts on “Historic Wooden Carousel in Queen Creek, Arizona
  1. I love carousels. We went on one at Silver Dollar City in Branson and it was a historic one as well. My kids love them.

  2. I love old carousels! We have one at our local amusement park. I’ve been riding it for over 50 years!

  3. I love old carousels! They are so fun. We recently stopped by the one in Burlington, Colorado. I love that people restore these and care for them.

  4. I still love riding the carousel with my kids when we go places. It always reminds me of Mary Poppins.

  5. The town I grew up in used to have a water tower shaped kind of like this. Since they have updated it with a new shaped one. This brings back memories for me!

  6. I love a good carousel. They just seem to be filled with history, wonder, and excitement!

  7. This is beautiful! The carousel looks like it would be featured at the Chicago State Fair in the early 1900’s. We love carousels!

  8. I’ve never seen a wooden carousel! It must be cool to ride on a piece of history like that. Carousels are definitely still a kid favorite here; it’s fascinating how timeless that ride is!

  9. We ride carousels every chase we get. We are lucky there are two in downtown Boston we can ride anytime the mood strikes us. I love that Schnepf Farm is restoring these beauties and keeping the fun alive.

  10. Love that they’re restoring these beautiful carousels. Beautiful works of art and great memories.

  11. I love the old carousels. I am glad there are still some left with the wooden horses.

  12. Wow! These are beautiful! It’s crazy to think that they are over 100 years old!? We have a carousel at our local museum that the kids love to ride over and over!

  13. I love carousels too! I’m excited for the arrival of a new grandbaby so we can ride the carousel together. My other grandkids think they are too old.

    1. Congratulations on your new grandbaby. I trust the new grandbaby will love to ride the carousel with you. 🙂

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