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Virtual Wine Dinner Chateau Ste Michelle Forever Sabbatical

A virtual wine dinner in the comfort of your home is a marvelous way to celebrate Summer Wine Week in Pinal Country, Arizona.

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With the world in its many stages, virtual tours have sprung up to showcase museums and national parks. We love participating in wine pairings. So why not have a virtual wine dinner. No sense in leaving out the fun activity of tasting wines paired with a delicious meal. 

Virtual Wine Dinner Preparation

It was a simple pick up. I drove to the restaurant who was hosting the event. There was a drive-through area with no line. As I arrived I rolled down my passenger window and the restaurant representatives collected my information and brought out a bag and a box. They placed the two items through the window and on to the passenger seat.


In the bag was the two-person three-course meal in separate very nice containers.

Pick_up_food Virtual Wine Dinner, Forever Sabbatical

In the box were the three wines that would be part of the night’s education. Also in the box were documents that included the evening’s menu. One sheet had the zoom call information. Additional sheets with descriptions of each wine. And the final sheet was for ordering the wines.


Once back at the house; we removed all the containers from the bag and removed the wines from the box and placed them on the porch table. The dessert wine and carrot cake were placed in the refrigerator until we reached that portion of the meal.

First Course

We logged on to the zoom call and were greeted with many happy faces of the other participants for the dinner. The presenter was sharing a video of the Washington area from which the grapes are from.

1_food Virtual Wine Dinner, Forever Sabbatical

When the official start time began we started the first course: Fig & Apple Bruschetta, paired with a full bottle of the Pundit Syrah. That is right, a full bottle. We each poured just a bit into our wine glasses to taste. It was delicious, so we poured in a little more while we ate and learned about the Pundit Syrah.

Second Course

2_food Virtual Wine Dinner, Forever Sabbatical

Next, as you can imagine was the second course. I will admit that when I had read a few days before that the main meal was short ribs, I was not excited. This is because I thought it was ribs that you eat with your hands and get very messy. This was not the case and now I am a huge fan of braised short ribs. The meat fell apart perfectly. This was my first time having three different types of Rosemary fingerling potatoes. The meal came with green beans too. This second meal was paired with a full bottle of the Indian Wells Red Blend. Everything tasted fantastic.

Third Course

3_food Virtual Wine Dinner, Forever Sabbatical

The third course concluded with carrot cake and paired with a full bottle of the Eroica Gold Riesling. I had never had a carrot cake like this before. I do not order carrot cake because I do not like it, until now. Wow, it was wonderful. The sugar (sweat) of the Riesling helped to melt the carrot cake in my mouth.

Virtual Wine Dinner – Chateau Ste Michelle

end Virtual Wine Dinner, Forever Sabbatical

This was a well designed and planned out event. The education portion was entertaining. The conversation over zoom with the other participants was delightful. This is an event that I look forward to attending again in the future.

Thank you to Chateau Ste Michelle for providing wonderful wines.

Have you attended a virtual wine dinner or virtual wine tasting?

30 thoughts on “Virtual Wine Dinner – Chateau Ste Michelle
  1. I love how restaurants are adapting to the pandemic. A virtual wine tasting seems right up our alley! Definitely going to see if any of our local restaurants have started doing these, so fun!

  2. What a fun night!! I’m so jealous that you had this experience; this is definitely right up our ally!!

  3. What a cool idea! I hadn’t heard of anything like this. I need to see if anyone is doing something like this in my area. And I love carrot cake.

  4. This looks super fun! I love the Indian Wells Red. We served it at our wedding, as Chateau St Michelle is nearby. The meal looked amazing, and its such a fun way to have a wine tasting!

  5. What a creative way to enjoy a night of wine and good food! I know we’re living in such surreal times, but am in awe of how people are finding new ways to experience life.

  6. What a wonderful idea. The food looks delicious and wine tasting is always fun. I’ve never thought about taking a cooking class online but this would be great for date night.

  7. Wow I’m impressed with this! How fun. I’m wondering how many other restaurants are sponsoring virtual dinners and wine tastings?

  8. I love the owl on the bottle. Unfortunately I am allergic to wines (not sure what causes it but I am for sure). It looks like a great way to enjoy some great wines.

  9. My husband and I love these events. We do several a year but sadly this year our event in April was canceled. I wish they had gone to a virtual event. I will have to suggest this in the future. It’s a great way to still participate and learn about the wines and good pairings.

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