The Butchart Gardens – Flashback In Time

The Butchart Gardens Flashback In Time Forever Sabbatical

Sharing the experience of the Butchart Gardens with me has been on Hunter’s list for a long time. He knows that I enjoy sitting next to flowers for hours smelling them. I was very pleased with the gardens on our visit.  

A flashback in time for our visit to the gardens in May 2018, which was part of a month-long adventure of touring Vancouver Island


Sign The Butchart Gardens, Forever Sabbatical

The gardens are located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Types of Gardens

Sunken Garden was our first place where we sat down on the bench above the area and just observed everything below. We watched gardeners planting flowers. While looking around, we found cool steps to another overview. I enjoyed seeing the patterns of flowers and how they created flowing rivers that took my eyes on a journey. Then we walked the paths.

Rose Garden – A few roses had bloomed while we were there and I smelled each plant that had a rose. It is fascinating how each plant had a different scent. Hunter sat on a bench because we were in this garden area for a long time. I did not want to miss out on any rose aromas.

Japanese Garden had many cubby holes or private sitting areas that we took advantage of. I can’t describe how much there was to see and hear. The sounds of the different waterfalls and many birds singing were very relaxing.

Italian Garden was the last area inside the facility that we explored. There were a lot of people eating here since it was near the food areas.

Mediterranean Garden is located outside the main gate and near the parking lot. This area was less crowded. Another nice place to sit and enjoy the ambiance of nature.  

The Butchart Gardens

sitting The Butchart Gardens, Forever Sabbatical

For more information about times and entrance fees check out the main website:

The site also includes current safety and health instructions for visiting.

What is your favorite flower? Have you visited The Butchart Gardens?

22 thoughts on “The Butchart Gardens – Flashback In Time
  1. These gardens are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait for Canada to open back up to Americans. Everything up there looks so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the very pretty Butchart Gardens!!

  2. I love wandering through gardens and arboretums. This one looks so beautiful and calming. And how fun you had an entire month to spend on Vancouver Island!

  3. Wow – these gardens are beautiful. I’m learning about so many hidden gems this year. We’re definitely going to have to visit British Columbia at some point soon. Thank you for sharing!

      1. These gardens are glorious and the story how they came to be incredibleVery specialplace for Ted and I while visiting Victoria, BritishColumbia

  4. That looks like as beautiful place to visit! It looks like there are many unique flowers… and who doesn’t love a rose garden?

  5. What a beautiful garden! I love the picture of the rose. If we ever head that direction, I’ll keep Butchart Gardens in mind!

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