Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour

Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour Forever sabbatical

A Foodie Trail? And it is part of a scavenger hunt? Yes!!! I trust you follow along on our weekly adventures. Therefore you know we enjoy geocaching and trying new foods. If you are an adventurer and love tasting the local flavor of the area then you should participate in the Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour.

Visit Mesa

Phoneapp Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

Here are the steps. First visit Visit Mesa for all the rules. Next download the Geocache application on your phone and create a log in. Then on the free application, search for the Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour. There are 10 locations to visit.


Paper Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

Bring a pen with you. Within each canister, there is a sign-in sheet where you write your name, and the date of the find. 

Many of the places have restaurants and/or a farmer’s market to purchase food. Therefore bring money and plan to spend some time at many of the locations to try the special of the day or purchase fresh produce.

Be careful when parking. All the locations have parking spots and we suggest you use them to stay out of the way of traffic.

Use the tip section in the application if you need help.

Locations Visited

Here are a few examples of places we visited. Don’t worry we will not give out the answers.

There were two geocaches at the Olive Mill. There is a great restaurant where you can order take out food. They also have tours to see how the olive oil is created.

Schneph Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

Next, we went to Schnepf Farms where there were also two geocaches. Schnepf Farms has events all year long, so check out what music or food festival is going on when you visit. We also love that they have two historic carousels and a historic water tower there.

B & B Farms has a very popular outdoor restaurant that makes parking rather difficult to find. Try anything with jalapenos.

The Farm Store at East Mart has a community garden to stroll along and explore.

Vertuccio Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

Vertuccio Farm’s also has events all year long. We visited the farmer’s market and purchased delicious tortillas and local honey.

There was another Farmer’s Market on the tour but when we visited on a Friday afternoon, there was no one there with any product.

Joes Grill Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

Joe’s Farm Grill and Barnone are near each other. We parked in one parking lot and walked to both locations.  Both had outdoor seating for those who partake in trying their delicious food.


Stickers Foodie Trail, Forever Sabbatical

There are awesome stickers to collect at each location. Which within itself is a great prize.

According to the website, you are to visit the Mesa Visitor Center (120 N. Center St., Mesa) during regular business hours to claim the prize. I called the office to see if that was still the process. At the time I called, they said to email to a specific email address to be sent a prize. Therefore I suggest you call 480-827-4700 or 800-283-6372 to find out what the current process is for when you complete the hunt. The prize is a surprise because they do not say what it is on the website. I am excited and can post a photo or update when it arrives in the mail.

Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour

If you get a chance to try the food special at each location, then you will not be hungry when you have completed all 10 stops. We enjoy it when cities create adventures for all to enjoy. Thank you Visit Mesa.

Have you participated in a city-wide scavenger hunt?

16 thoughts on “Visit Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail Geo Tour
  1. This is totally awesome. My daughter and her friend are starting to do a geocache trail for their Bronze Award in Girl Scouts.

  2. I love this! What a fun way to explore an area AND try delicious local food. My family would have a blast completing the challenge.

    1. The food is so wonderful. You know it is good, when you park in the parking lot, get out an the aroma makes your mouth water. 🙂

    1. We do enjoy exploring and finding as many activities to experience and to learn new skills.

    1. The stickers were funny and cleaver. For example at one of the farmer’s markets the sticker said, “Eat your greens.”

  3. Whaaat?! This is so cool. I need to save this if I happen to ever be there. Haha. I want someone to do this local to me!

    1. Feel free to share this with your local city/town visitor center. Maybe they could put something similar together.

  4. How cool! My oldest grandson and I spent several summers geocaching. It’s so fun. He’s off to the university now but what great memories.

  5. That is really cool! I had never heard of geocaching before? How do I find out if it’s in my area? Thanks for the great information. It looks like so much fun!

    1. Download the geocache application and then zoom in on the map for your area. If there are caches, they will show up on the app.

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