Build a Better Burger Competition

Build a Better Burger Competition San Tan Valley, AZ

What could be better on a Saturday afternoon than the scent of grilled burgers at a Build a Better Burger Competition? Maybe you are a grill master and have the best burger on the block. Or maybe you are the best foodie and love to taste burgers. This was the event to attend for a good time and great burgers.


Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ Announcer

Every good competition has an announcer that lets the contestants and the crowds know how much time is on the clock. Our announcer for the day kept everyone having a good time. He would visit the booths and check in with the teams. He asked the teams questions about the choice of supplies, the preparation, and the secret ingredient.


Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ booths

There were four teams of six people. Each team created a team name, an outfit, booth decorations and burger themes. The teams were very creative, such as a New York theme, a Fitness theme, a Korean theme, and a Resort theme.

Burger Set Up

Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ food

Each team submitted an ingredients list in advance. The facility provided the requested ingredients just before the competition started. The teams were given a grill and basic utensils. The teams were allowed to bring extra pans and utensils.

The announcer was in the center lawn to start the countdown. The teams had 60 minutes to cook and prepare the best burger.

No additional food items were allowed to be on the plate with the burger therefore, no pickles or fries. However, the teams were allowed to decorate the plate with nonfood items.

Burger Sampling

Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ sampeling

The facility was provided with the recipes for each burger in advance. They made sliders of each team’s burger. They provided the sliders to the attendees to sample each team’s burger. While the attendees of the event were in line to sample the sliders, one person from each competition team was there to explain the burger and ingredients.


Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ Judgin
Photo courtesy of Sara S.

After the 60 minutes was completed each team brought the one burger to the judges’ table. There were four judges. Therefore the burger was divided into fourths. Each team had an opportunity to present the burger to the judges by explaining the preparation and secret ingredients.

Burger Winner

Build a Better Burger Competition - San Tan Valley, AZ team
Sara S, Rick Z, Patti Z, Phil S, Jim K, Missy D

Now for the exciting part, announcing the winning teams. There was a 3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place. The winning burger won unanimously among all four judges. The winning burger was a double patty with bacon, onion cooked with thyme, and the secret ingredients were the Gruyere Cheese used to make the Bechamel sauce, and toasted Brioche bun.

Build a Better Burger Competition

Have you ever attended or competed in a Build a Better Burger Competition? If not, would you?

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  1. Wow had no idea something like this existed! Sounds like burger heaven.

  2. This looks like such an event to attend! I would love it but I think my husband would love it even more! Glad you had a great time!

  3. As a food blogger I LOVE local foodie events! This one looked so fun and yummy!

  4. Super fun! My hubby would totally do this competition. He makes an incredible bechamel sauce from gruyere too. I’ll slap it on a burger next time

  5. This looks like so much fun! I’ll have to be on the lookout for events like this near me 🙂

  6. This is the kind of competition my boys would LOVE to attend! Oh, my gosh!! My middle teen is all about building a better burger with a unique, tantalizing flavor. I’m going to have to show him this.

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