Camping Along the Black River in Arizona

Camping Along the Black River Arizona Forever Sabbatical

Imagine walking along the Black River in Arizona in a forest full of Blue Jays. This is what we experienced on our May camping trip to the Black River in Arizona. Here are some great tips about the area when you are planning your next camping trip.

How to Get There

Black River in Arizona Forever Sabbatical

From The Phoenix/ Mesa Gateway Airport, head towards Superior, Arizona. Then travel on through the town of Globe to Show Low and then on through the town of Springerville. From here you follow signs to Big Lake. After passing Big Lake keep going until you have reached the Black River. The drive without stopping is about 4 hours.

For directions and up to date information here is the Forest Service website.

Raccoon Campground

Black River in Arizona Forever Sabbatical Raccoon

There are many campsites along the river. The campsites are bundling into about 5-7 campsite to a section. You get to choose your campsite. In the late afternoon, a campsite host comes by to give you updates on what is going on in the area. Such as bear or wolves sightings. They will also let you know if campfires are allowed. You paid the camp host a fee for as many days as you are going to stay. The camp host will give you a window hanger to put in your car as proof you paid.


Black River in Arizona Forever Sabbatical Sign

Each cluster of campsites had a large signage area. These boards had notices of animals in the area. It also had tips for fly-fishing and additional safety information.



I am very grateful when there are restrooms and they are clean. These were clean, as in no spider webs inside and the floor was clean of debris. The restrooms had a toilet into a hole and toilet paper. Bring your own hand sanitizing liquid.

Drinking Water


We always bring 5 gallons of drinking water and 5 gallons of cleaning water with us when we car-camp. At this campsite, drinking water was provided. This was a very nice benefit that I do not normally see.



The campsites had a fire pit with a grill cover and a minimum of one picnic table. Our campsite had two picnic tables. There was decent spacing between our campsite to the next campsite. We were very lucky that we were the only ones at this cluster of the campsite. We were able to place our chairs next to the campfire pit to relax in the evening.

Black River in Arizona Forever Sabbatical camp 2

Fire Rings and Safety


Whenever you are camping with a campfire it is important to bring safety equipment. We make sure to have a shovel near the fire pit. When we arrive we fill up a 5-gallon bucket with water to put the fire out at night. It is good to have an ax to cut up firewood. There are many signs in the forest reminding campers to put out their fire before walking away from it.

Camping Along the Black River in Arizona

Black River in Arizona Forever Sabbatical  2

Would you rather camp in a tent, RV, or a hotel?

31 thoughts on “Camping Along the Black River in Arizona
  1. Looks beautiful! I’m more of a hotel girl myself, but I can appreciate an occasional overnight of camping.

  2. Always stayed in a cabin setting when camping. Never rented or RV’d though. I think my next thing will be glamping, see how that works out

    1. It was fun to watch them. We sat in our chairs in the afternoon and morning watching them play around and find food.

  3. I don’t mind RV camping, but my tent camping days are in the past. Love the small river running through.

  4. Nice descriptions. I like camping in tent, rv, and hotel. completely depends on where and with whom LOL

  5. I am a hotel girl, though I could probably do an RV. Tents and I did not mix. LOL. The last time we went camping it rain and we had thunder and lightning. It was a mess!

    1. Oh no… yes rain and tents is hard. Hotels and RV’s protect more from the weather.

  6. I’m more of a hotel camper, although some of the very large tents with beds and lots of amenities look pretty cool.

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