Queen Creek Wash Trail – Arizona

Queen Creek Wash Trail Arizona forever sabbatical

The Town of Queen Creek has 11 miles of multi-use trails. They are along the Queen Creek Wash and the Sonoqui Wash. Today we get to share photos of the Queen Creek Wash Trail.

Queen Creek Wash Trail

end Queen Creek Wash Trail Forever Sabbatical
Photos take with Sony DSC-RX100 VI Camera

This hike is a line, therefore not a loop. You could walk down and back. Maybe have someone drop you off at one end and then they pick you up at the other end.

There are 4.7 miles of paves path. If you want to walk the wash-bottom equestrian trail it is 5.5 miles.

The trail has many access points. Click here for the town map of the trail.

You can park your car at Desert Mountain Park, 22201 Hawes Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. Then walk north across the street to enter the trail and walk wither east or west.

There are signs at Desert Mountain Park to park on the north side of the street if you have horse trailers.


Whether are you riding a horse, riding a bike, or taking a walk, this trail is for you. There are paved areas for those who want a smooth walking or riding surface. In the wash, itself is the sand where many horse riders will be.

sand Queen Creek Wash Trail Forever Sabbatical

Trail Rules and Etiquette

Very common rules that you will see on most trails. Such as stay on the right side of the path. Pass on the left. Do not disturb wildlife. Do not litter. If you are walking dogs- clean up after your animals. Keep pets on a leash.  

rules Queen Creek Wash Trail Forever Sabbatical

Do you wonder who has the right of way? Bikers yield to walkers/runners and horses. Walkers/runners yield to horses.

Flora and Fauna

We took many photos of the wildflowers. The wildlife quails were fast and hard to catch on film. It was warm out when we were walking. I trust in the cooler hours there would be plenty of rabbits and birds. See if you can identify the mesquite trees vs the pala verde trees.

Queen Creek Wash Trail

main Queen Creek Wash Trail Forever Sabbatical

Recommend doing this trail when the weather is cooler and you have property supplies, such as a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water.

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    1. Most of the trail is split between the sand area for the horses and paved for the walkers and bikers.

  1. I love a good trail. I was going to ask about the temps, but you answered my question. Definitely go in the cooler weather.

  2. This sounds like the perfect hike when you need something easy and where you canโ€™t get lost.

  3. This looks like an interesting hike and not too extreme for beginners. I learned years ago that I donโ€™t like to hike Arizona in the heat so I agree on waiting until the weather is cooler!

  4. Queen Creek Wash Trail looks like a great place to bike. Are there any cool places to stop off along the way?

  5. Another wonderful place was included in the list of places to visit! Thank you =) I am waiting for the earliest opportunity to load my gelding into the trailer and go on a little trip

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